‘How much do wedding flowers cost? is probably one of the most googled questions when it comes to planning your wedding flowers, closely linked with design styles and colours. In part, it does depend on how your florist works, their style, experience and expertise not forgetting the quality of the products they use. Your location and wedding date may also be a factor.

With a diverse range in quality of artificial, silk and faux flowers, prices could differ greatly. I think it’s important to clarify that high quality faux flowers are more costly. They can often be on par and often more expensive than fresh flowers. Of course the benefits of each are very different. With your personal wedding flowers, such as bouquets, buttonholes, corsages and floral accessories these are an investment. They are flowers that you and your wedding party keep and enjoy for time to come. They create memories and last much longer than the day. This can be offset with the ability to hire floral venue decor.

There is also great skill in knowing which products to choose as well as having the skills to use them in such a way to create the most realistic floral work.

How much of my wedding budget should I allocate to my flowers?

Industry standard often talks about setting aside 10-15% of your of total wedding budget. This can be used as a guide but in truth it is quite outdated. It depends on your aesthetic desires for your day. The best place to start is to see what you would be happy to spend on your flowers. With that figure in mind you can approach a florist and see how they are able to help you.

It is really important that you share your budget with the florist so they are able to make reasonable suggestions on what they can create for you. The aim is not to consume your budget for the sake of spending it but rather to offer suitable realistic options for you both.

This transparency out the outset will be the foundation of building a great floral relationship.

What can you get for your budget?

As a guide here are some details on what you can expect to order within certain price brackets when you book with me.

0 – £500

You would be able to order a bridal bouquet, a few bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes for you wedding party and a couple of corsages


You would be able to add some hired decor items such floral centrepieces for your reception tables and garlands.


Upping your budget means you can really start to think about venue décor, including florals for your signage, entrance flowers, more abundant table flowers

£1500- £2500

Here we would be able to add bespoke installations, focal larger displays and more lavish design concepts. Candle hire can really impact the look too!

Each wedding is very different, some couples have 1 bridesmaid and other 6. Some would like larger and more extravagant table decor where others want a more paired back look. We would recommend investing in statement pieces to really make an impact. Even though these items cost more you can scale back on having lots of little bits and using the budget better elsewhere.

£2500 +

From here upward you can really tailor the flowers as much as you wish. Having more abundant designs, flowers in a variety of spaces, fuller installations and a 360 degree design package.

Once you have an idea how much wedding flowers cost you have a a better idea on where to start. If you are unsure on the style you would like you are welcome to have a look at my Instagram page

Together we can go through the details in a personal no obligation consultation to discuss ideas for your day.

To get in contact to book a chat with us please complete my enquiry form. We look foward to chatting with you.

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