Sustainability Pledge

Here at Fauxevermore being as sustainable as possible is at the core of who we are. We strive to find ways to be better in the way we work, both in the creation of our floral designs and in the running of the business too.

This is a journey and although we have not perfected it just yet, we are working towards being better and finding ways to be kinder to the environment to preserve and protect our planet for future generations. There is always room for improvement.

Transparency is at the heart of how we communicate in all aspects in business from speaking with clients, in our copy and our content across various social media channels. So at the outset it is important to say the yes our flowers include plastic parts and we acknowledge that our flowers are not biodegradable. However the way in which we work with our product and how we encourage our clients to use there products does have a positive impact on the environment.

Our aim

To provide a realistic alternative to fresh flowers, where our clients can enjoy their flowers for many years to come or for the short while when using our bespoke floral hire service.

There is a huge amount of floral waste that is associated with wedding and events. Flowers are often used for a short amount of time and then are disposed of once the celebration is complete. Many of the methods in creating arrangement incorporate traditional floral foam which is hazardous to the environment.

Not only are real flowers flown into the UK from all over the world the are often sprayed with pesticides and each bunch is often wrapped in plastic wrap. This not only adds to their carbon footprint but the various chemicals used has an impact on insects, other animals and watercourses. Alongside a whole host of resources needed to keep flowers as fresh as possible from the use of fridges, transportation and the volume of water to keep the blooms in the best condition.

There is no perfect solution in either fresh or faux floristry but we can share with you what we have been doing to be more sustainable and what we are looking to do int the future.

Fauxevermore’s sustainable actions to date:

  • Plant a tree for every wedding or event booked. In the past we have used eforests tree dedication service, moving forward for 2023 we shall be moving to planting our trees with the National Trust, a registered charity who protect and care for places so people and nature can thrive. This change will streamline the process whilst still achieving our aim to offset the carbon footprint of each booking.
  • Our workshop is local and has timed lighting. There is no way of accidentally leaving the light on for longer than needed!
  • We are almost paperless. I do like a notepad when taking notes, one to work on.
  • Meet clients remotely where possible.
  • We hire vans only when needed, rather that run one everyday.
  • When ordering flowers, we do so in bulk. This reduces the amount of deliveries and the miles travelled to get the flowers to us.
  • We consider how the flowers arrive to us and how they are packaged. Faux flowers arrive to the UK by boat where fresh flowers arrive by air. Airfreight leaves the largest freight carbon footprint. Large amounts of flowers can be imported by shipping. Further reducing how many times the ships are required to make the journey compared to daily airfreight. The flowers arrive packed in cardboard boxes, easily recycled and without the plastic wraps for each bunch.
  • We only use packaging that can be recycled. Our tissue paper is acid free and recyclable. Our branded stickers are recyclable, printed using vegetable dye and the glue is vegan friendly.
  • Our faux flowers are enjoyed for many years, they do not require any water to keep them fresh. We encourage our clients to give them a light wipe, keeping looking at their best for as long as possible.
  • Our bespoke hire service is created for each client. We reuse and repurpose our flowers in all designs. After the event we carefully check, clean and repack flowers ready for the next time they are required. Our flowers are not single use.
  • We grow our inventory carefully, ensuring the flowers we invest in are types that can be reused for different designs. In the rare occasion that we look to remove a line from our inventory, we look to offer them to others who can make use of them. The last time we did this, we donated our flowers to a family that were making a sensory garden for their son.
  • We invest in props that can be reused, from our installation pieces vases and candle holders.
  • We only use sustainable methods when creating our floral displays. We use reusable mechanics such as chicken wire when creating installations and avoid traditional floral foam. In some of our designs, we have trialled a natural biodegradable alternative by Agrawool which has worked well.

Sustainability Pledge for 2023

  • To keep planting trees to celebrate our couples and event hosts!
  • Embrace the use of a digital notepad.
  • Promote the use of both internally and externally, which is a search engine that plants trees.
  • Review our emails and their frequency to reduce the impact on the environment, whilst keeping them meaningful and informative.
  • If we decide that we require a van, then we share explore alternatives than run on greener energy.
  • Explore the transition to eco friendly ribbon, twine is used where appropriate.
  • Continue to keep exploring better ways that we can be more sustainable overall.

Got anymore ideas on how we can be greener? Would you like to work with a environmentally minded florist? Then get in touch!