About Me

Hello, I’m Adeela, the creative soul behind Fauxevermore, a visionary florist who decided to do things differently.

I use my creative skills to bring faux flowers to life for weddings, occasions & decor. I am considered the expert in my field and often share my knowledge through teaching others.

Weddings hold a very special place in my heart & over the last 15 years I have worked with hundreds of couples to create the perfect flowers for them. There really is something special in families coming together to witness and celebrate the joining of their loved ones.

My passionate & transparent approach means I will only select the very best faux florals for you. I empower you to embrace the numerous benefits of artifical flowers & encourage sustainable floristry for your floral decor. I have a natural & luxurious style and love to create flowers that reflect you.

Sustainability and being eco conscious are at the core of my business. I only use foam free eco friendly methods when creating my work to reduce waste and impact on the environment.

My love for floristry started as a young adult. I used it as a stress reliever when studying to become a lawyer. When I decided to change careers so I could spend more time with my family I knew floristry was the way forward for me. I have always done things differently to others so I knew my journey would take a different path.

When my husband & I married we had no real input in our flowers. We are a multicultural family & had several events which all formed part of our marriage. From not knowing what was going to arrive & being informed the day before one of our events that we weren’t going to receive our flowers due to unforeseen circumstance, I can honestly say we didn’t enjoy the experience. From the flowers that were delivered, although they were lovely enough, they didn’t represent who we are.

When I began my floral career it was important that no couple ever experience what we did.

During the planning stage I did look into the viability of faux flowers but back in 2002 the quality was just not good enough. Thankfully today technology has transcended silk flowers to a place that they are more realistic than ever. As with everything there are varying degrees of quality so choosing the right blooms takes experience and expertise.

My mission is to bring my clients the very best in faux floristry, flowers that evoke memories, reflect who you are whilst reducing the impact on our environment.

I am an inclusive floral designer and welcome weddings from all communities including LGBTQ+ couples. As a family with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds I am able to blend traditions to create a floral expression of you both.

If you are looking for a floral designer who will listen and create something special for you then you have come to the right place!

Get in touch today to see if I am available for your wedding and we can have a chat about getting you booked in.

I look forward to hearing all about your plans!

Much love

Adeela x

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