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Destination wedding flowers

Getting married abroad?

So many of my couples have opted to get married abroad. Some have chosen to tie the knot in a holiday destination from weddings on the beach to stately homes or a beautiful hotel but they have all had one thing in common.

They took their flowers with them!

Yes many of them had booked a destination wedding package which included flowers but they still chose us to create their destination wedding flowers for them instead.

Why take your flowers with you for your destination wedding?

Because you can ensure that you know what they were getting. You don’t have to wait until you arrive and hope you like them. You get to see your flowers during the design process and can rest assure that they won’t wilt in the heat.

We give you the security that you love your destination wedding flowers.


The same flowers can be used if you are having a party with your family and friends when you return.

And – You get to keep them forever. Something you can treasure forever and even display in your home as a memento. So it really is a Win Win option!

How do I take my flowers with me?

The flowers are sent to you well packed in a postal box. Some couples have taken the flowers with them in the same box. Some have given their bridesmaids their bouquets to take with them.

If you are travelling by plane then we recommend contacting your airline or the organisers of your wedding package to check the details of your luggage. Some airlines have allowances for couples getting married abroad, so it it worth checking.

Another great advantage of artificial wedding flowers are they are lightweight, so they wont take up much of your baggage allowance too!

If you would like to know how we can help you with your destination wedding flowers then fill out our Enquiry Form. We shall be in contact with you to chat about your wedding!

Here is a link to our FAQs which you may also find helpful.