So okay I used to offer a discount when I attended wedding fairs, only wedding fairs.  It is almost expected that a supplier would offer a reduced rate. Funny enough the request rarely came from a couple that were discussing their wedding flowers with me but rather from the organisers of the events in general…’what are you giving the customer to hook them in? ‘How about some money off?’

You see that is where the problem lies.

I have no intention to ‘hook people in’.  I used to offer a discount because I was new to the wedding fair circuit and felt like I should.  I never had done so before and I always had a surplus of bookings.  I took lots of booking over that time and still had a great relationship with each couple but the truth is I was reducing my margins and in effect not really charging for my expertise and time.  I am not one for inflating my prices to take into account a ‘discount’ I was going to offer.  I haven’t got time for that nonsense and it just isn’t ethical or right.  I am no way suggesting that this is an industry norm as I know many businesses who still offer discounts which are detrimental to their business.

So I decided to stop.  Not because I want to charge as much as I can but because my clients are choosing me for what I can create for them.  They choose me because I look to get the best flowers for their design and for my knowledge and expertise.

I believe in charging a fair price, not an extortionate one.

This has lead to my dual service approach where couples can either choose the Inspiration Package or the Totally Bespoke Package.  I have kept the names of the packages quite literal as transparency is important, more details of them can be found on their respective pages.  When you are buying a service the cost covers a multitude of things, not just the physical items that you can hold.  It covers the time taken to quote, source, design, their expertise, experience and knowledge.  Not forgetting covering things such as advertising, marketing etc, etc.

I want my clients to be secure in the knowledge that they are not being short changed and my prices do not vary with the day.  Everyone is treated the same.  There is nothing worse than being on a night out, a flight or a holiday, for example, and finding out that the person sitting next to you paid less than you for the same thing!  Transparency is key. That is why I have no problem with putting prices on my website.  I am not in competition with anyone else and therefore I am not concerned about what everyone else is charging.   When I create and work with my clients, it’s a journey, one which often lasts way beyond the wedding itself.  And that is truly a wonderful thing.  

This is also why I only take a set number of booking a month. Once the diary is full the month is closed.  This allows me to allocate the correct time to each wedding and event without impacting another booking.

I appreciate that my no discount policy might not be favourable to all, but that’s ok I am not looking to work with everyone.

I do however, believe Introductory Offers.

A discount does not reward loyal clients and followers.  I have many who follow me on Social Media, comment and interact with my posts and this loyalty should be rewarded.   So when I am looking to bring out new products I want to reward those who purchase them 1st.  A discount at any sporadic time does not reward loyalty.   It just upsets those who happened to purchase the day or week before at the full price.  I don’t want any of my clients to have that feeling.  Once an introductory offer has passed the price shall increase to the RRP that price increase will always be permanent.  

So if you would like to be one of the 1st to hearing about all the new things that are coming up and the 1st to know when an Introductory Offer is launching be sure to sign up to my #realflowerrebels page.

I promise not to bombard you with emails just let you know the good stuff!

Adeela x

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