and my garlands hit National Press!

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan celebrated their union at Kensington and Chelsea Register Office in west London on New Years Eve. The couple took their fight for Hetrosexual Civil Partnerships to the Supreme Court and won!

I had been creating the floral garland which adorned the entrance to Kensington and Chelsea Registry Office, photos of which were shared all across National Television and Press!

When I created the garland I knew it was for a special event although I didn’t know the exact details of the celebration that was going to take place.

I was asked to create a colourful bright garland from my signature bespoke garland service to compliment the iconic doors of the venue. It was an absolute pleasure to design and create. My luxe garlands are completely handmade using fresh floristry techniques which I translate to faux floristry. This bespoke hire service allows for you to have something truly special on your day without the waste.

The garlands can be used as seen below as well as decorating staircases, fireplaces, table and more!

same sex civil partnership outside kensington and chelsea registry office with garland
Rebecca Steinfeld & Charles Keidan, with their children on the steps of Kensington & Chelsea Registry Office

The couple were framed with a colourful array of flowers and foliage which looked great in the photographs. Even better, the garlands and flowers can be reused and re purposed for another event.

I have been bringing my clients a sustainable approach to floristry for over 12 years and helping them to reduce the impact their wedding or event has on the environment and their own carbon footprint. My clients are happy in the knowledge that no flowers are thrown away after being used for a short amount of time and have no concern that the flowers will wilt in the heat, freeze in the cold or trigger any allergies either.

New Years Eve through to News Years day was a real whirlwind and an amazing start to the new decade. The photos spread far and wide and I was so proud to be able to have played a small part in such a historic day.

I wish both Rebecca and Charles and to all the couples who were joined in union the happiest of futures together!

The story behind the law change can be found in many places but here are two that you may like to read:

It was a pleasure to work alongside Kensington & Chelsea Registry Office. Thank you to @marrymeinchelsea for tagging me and allowing me to share the photo they took on the day. If you are looking for a beautiful venue full of history be sure to check them out!

Much Love

Adeela x

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