Transparency matters, it should be clear from the outset how recommended supplier lists are created, not just to protect couples but to preserve the integrity of the industry.

When searching for reliable products or services, many couples turn to recommended supplier lists to streamline their decision-making process.

As transparency is one of our core pillars here at Fauxevermore, we feel that it is important to delve into this further and discuss the different types of recommended suppliers lists and the potential issues surrounding transparency and the ethical considerations that may arise.

Types of Recommended Supplier lists

They fall into 2 main categories – Paid and non-paid.

At the outset I just want to say that the paying to access couples is not the issue. This is a commercial agreement, similar to when a business would pay to be in a directory. Every business in well within their right to choose the way they wish to market their business or to find another way to raise revenue. Payments are either made by a yearly subscription or on commission for every wedding booked via a referral.

That being said.

The word ‘Recommended’ in this situation doesn’t sit comfortably.

Call it a directory. There is a clear difference between the two.

The issue at the heart of it is transparency.

Why is transparency important?

When couples rely on these lists for guidance, they expect unbiased recommendations based on quality and merit. However, if businesses can secure their position solely by paying, it raises questions about the integrity of such recommendations. This lack of transparency can erode trust, damaging the credibility and the reputation of the industry.

This leads to ethical implications such as:

Misleading Couples. When businesses pay for placement on a recommended supplier list without any clear indication, couples may mistakenly believe that the list represents an objective evaluation of the best options available. This can lead to deceptive marketing practices and ultimately harm couples’ trust in the recommendations provided.

Unfair Competition: Paying for placement on a recommended list can create an uneven playing field. It can favour those businesses with larger budgets over smaller, potentially more deserving companies. This practice undermines fair competition and restricts couples access to a diverse range of options.

Diminished Quality Standards: If businesses can secure their position on a list through financial means alone, it reduces the incentive to maintain high-quality products or services. Consequently, the overall standard of offerings on the list may decline, compromising the value it provides to couples.

How can you make a more informed decision when choosing a supplier?

Transparency is key! Check the ‘Recommended’ supplier list and see if there a disclosure that businesses who are on the list have paid to be there. If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask!

When a ‘recommended supplier list’ is created without monetary gain but purely from working together over time, building relationships and trust, you are safe in the knowledge that merit is at the heart of the recommendation.

The recommended supplier list is just that. Many venues will allow other suppliers to work at their venue . There is nothing wrong with looking at other businesses to see who you best align and feel comfortable with. Ultimately you have to like and trust the suppliers you choose to work with.

If your chosen supplier hasn’t worked at the venue before then they will, as we do, contact the venue to arrange a chat to get more information and if required, arrange a site visit. This is how lots of supplier relationships are formed. In the future your supplier may end up being added to the recommended supplier list! If they do, it really adds to the diversity of suppliers. By embracing diversity, these lists become more inclusive and relevant to a wider range of couples.

Check the reviews, see what other couples have to say about their services. Genuine feedback from previous couples can be invaluable in helping you make informed choices.

Here at Fauxevermore, we do not pay to be on Recommended Supplier Lists. All our recommendations are built on professionalism with the couples are the hearts of what we do. Here are some more details of the venues we are recommended at.

We have at times received emails from other suppliers requesting a fee to be included in their Recommend Supplier List. For all the reasons discussed above we have politely rejected the offer.

We do pay to be in some industry directories. But as the words suggest ‘recommended list’ and ‘directory’ are not interchangeable.

By having a transparent recommended supplier list, sharing reviews, and embracing diversity, we can create a place that benefits both couples and businesses, fostering trust and empowering you to make well-informed decisions.