The same steps can be followed for either a faux foliage or fresh foliage wreath!

Things you need :

Base – I am using a willow circular base.  If you do not have one of these you can use a metal wreath base or a small hoop.

Moss / Dried artificial moss

Florist wire on a reel

Foliage of your choice – I have used bay leaf, lavender, sage and ivy.  Again faux or fresh

String or ribbon

Battery operated fairy lights are optional.

Step 1 :

Take your circular base and cover with moss.  To do this take a handful of moss and secure in place with the wire by wrapping the wire around the base, holding the moss in place.  Keep going until the ring is fully covered, I like to cover both sides for a neat finish.

willow based wreath
moss being added to the wreath with wire

moss ring wreath

Step 2:

Take your desired foliage and cut into pieces, approximately 10 cm long.  This will depend on how big you want your wreath to be.  The longer the pieces, the wider the wreath!  Put together 3 -5 sprigs so you have little bunches.  These can then be attached to the base, again with the wire in a wrap round motion. 

Tip = Keep going around the wreath in the same direction until the whole ring is covered.

foliage being added to wreath
binding greenery onto wreath base

Step 3:

Once you have your foliage base you can then add additional foliage, flowers, dried oranges etc (the choice is yours!) until you are happy with your design.  I added additional sage and lavender sprigs to add more contrast together with some ivy for extra detail.

Step 4 :

Add either string or ribbon to the top of your wreath so that you can hang it up.  If you wanted to add a bow, this can be added to.  If you wish to add some lights, now is the time to wrap them around your wreath.  I use small led fairy lights which are battery operated.

Step 5 :

Find a place to hang your creation.  Fresh wreaths are best hung outside whereas faux wreaths can be hung either indoors or outdoors. You can buy special wreath hooks that hang over your door, I find that command hooks work well too. 

Happy wreath making!

Adeela x

foliage herb wreath with lights

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